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I used this pizza pan to cook Chinese green onion pancake with added toppings: egg, cheese, ham, bacon, Trader Joe’s umami seasoning, pickled ginger, Okonomiyaki sauce, and Kewpie Mayo. The pancake ended up tasting like something that I would purchase at a boba shop or cafe. The iron pan gives it that grill taste that you would get at a restaurant. Well now you can bring that restaurant taste home.The pizza pan is large enough to cook Okonomiyaki and if you like to add yaki-soba noodles and egg to yours like I do, it has room at the side of the pan to cook the noodles and fried egg. Become your own iron chef and enjoy the endless possibilities with this well made and perfectly sized pan.

Scuba Steve

Beautiful and sharp! I actually had no idea kitchen knives could be this sharp. They actually do cut like razors. Usually when a product is listed as “razor sharp”, I ignore it and write it off as marketing, but in this case, I just noticed that’s in the description and it’s actually, for once, true. I’m actually pretty apprehensive while using them and afraid that if I slip, I’ll cut off a fingeror open an artery. The first time I used one, I grabbed the paring knife and cut open the plastic covering a whole chicken. As you probably know, the plastic they pack them in is pretty thick. Without even using much force, the knife cut right through the thick plastic, into the chicken, almost to the bone like I was using a razor on jello. These knives are insanely sharp. The chef knife cut through cooked steaks like they were made of butter. Against the grain, with the grain, didn’t matter. No more struggling, just easy cutting and prepping from now on!The magnetic stand is an added bonus. Priced separately, these knives would cost more than the price of this set. I expect these to be of use for a very long time. So far, none of them have dulled and they’ve kept their razor edges. These would make a great gift, but if you intend this set as a gift, you might not want to open them and try them because you might end up keeping them for yourself after that…


I used this heavy, cast iron grill inside my wood pellet smoker to add grill lines to steaks and chops and was very pleased with the results. I.e., the meats not only tasted delicious but also looked great when served.I noticed that meats cooked on top of this grill took less time to reach their target internal temperatures than meats cooked on the stainless steel smoker racks. This was not an issue since I used a digital meat probe, several times, during my cooking but I point this out for your benefit.Unfortunately, I did not pre-spray the grill with a no-stick spray prior to cooking so, the excess marinade and seasonings burned on and took a bit of extra effort to remove. That was my oversight and not the fault of the grill but hopefully you will not repeat my mistake.The two handles on the grill/griddle made it easier to remove it from the smoker and made it easier to grip during cleanup. Only time will tell, but this grill should last for many years due to its cast iron construction.Overall, I am very pleased with this grill/griddle.If this review was beneficial to you, please click the “Helpful” button below. Thank you!

Just Me

These are awesome dish rags!And you receive ALOT! Can be used for so many things. BUT it doesn’t remove lint for windows as it says. I cleaned a China hutch. And it had lint residue. So if you would be getting these for windows/glass… doesn’t give lintless clean. But is great for washing dishes and the countertop!